Taking up Riding

Sian and ED June 11 XC

Exercise that is enjoyable !   Horse riding is a very good way to get exercise, fresh air and enjoyment. Almost without realising it you will tone up your muscles and have a gentle workout.  Even half an hours riding a week makes a difference to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Enjoyment for the whole family ! A sport that all ages can enjoy you are never 'too old'. Kids, parents and grandparents can ride out together. 

The Benefits - Riding combines the benefits of joining the gym, taking a walk in the country, having a holiday, meeting good friends.  What else combines exercise & relaxation, with a complete change of scene and routine? 

Equipment - no special gear necessary.  We can hire you a hat and lend you some boots to get going. 

Taster Session - suitable for anyone.  A half hour lesson in the school followed by a half hour ride round the fields all off road.  £40.00 per person.  


If this sounds attractive why not learn to ride.   Private and group lessons available.  Give us a ring on Hook Norton 01608 737033 for a no obligation chat or e mail us at [email protected]