Horses and Ponies at Turpins Lodge

sophie and roger going through water 

Sophie and Roger 14 hh piebald gelding 

  Group Grazing

Olly grazing. 14.2 HHS chestnut gelding.



 bolton and minty sharing a salt lick. july 2014

Minty 12.2 hh and Bolton 12 hh sharing a salt lick 

 Exp Rider Wk 2010 Group in the water

A group at the water on cross country day. 



 Maisie and Melody  Maverick pulling a face        
 Maisie and Melody sharing a stable!  Maverick's seen something funny!        
 Grazing  Maisie in the field        
 Grazing at Turpins Lodge.   Maisie