Turpin Brewery


Turpin Brewery, Tadmarton Heath Road, Hook Norton, OX15 5DQ

Tel. 01608 737033 


     Micro brewery started in July 2013.  Winner of Oxforshire Beer of the festival for three years running 2015, 2016, 2017 at Oxford CAMRA Beer Festival.  Brewing individual craft beers for local pubs as well as for special events.     
     If you have a special event, birthday, wedding or get together that you would like beer for please ask us for details.     

 Turpin beer is available at:-

The Duke, Clifton, Deddington.   https://thecliftonduke.co.uk/   (on all year)


The Red Lion, Horley. http://northoxon.camra.org.uk/bot61.pdf    (on Spring and Summer)

The White Horse, Banbury www.whitehorsebanbury.com (on all year)







 If you would like to get in touch please ring the office on 01608 737033  or e mail us at  [email protected]