These are a few of our large variety of hacks from Turpins Lodge over varied countryside, bridleways, roads and tracks. 


1 Hour hacks

Block - Lovely far reaching views over open countryside.  

50% off road.  Walk, trot and canter (ground permitting)



Chicken Farm - Nearly all off road. 

90% off road.  Good route for a steady off road ride. Walk, trot and canter (ground permitting)

Wigginton - Scenic village ride.  Ideal when the ground is bad. 

100% road. Walk and Trot. 

Tustins -  chance for a nice uphill canter over fields.  

75% Road. Walk trot and Canter (ground permitting)


1.5 Hour Hacks 


Sheep Fields - ride through woods, over streams, and across country with very little road. 

90% off road.  Walk, trot and canter (ground permitting)


Sibford -  Scenic village ride.  

75% Road.  Walk, trot and canter (ground permitting)

Two Hour Hacks 

Traitors Ford - one of our most scenic hacks with fantastic views.

50% off road. Walk, trot and canter (ground permitting)



Ushercombe - ride over open fields with far reaching views.  There are a variety of different options including an 1.5 hr hack. 

50% off road.  Walk, trot and canter (ground permitting)


Swerford -  See places you wouldn't see in the car. 

90% road. Walk, trot and canter (ground permitting)


Milcombe / South Newington - over open fields, through woods.  Chance of an uphill canter. 

50% off road.  Walk, trot and canter (ground permitting)



Epwell - Carry on from Traitors Ford crossing the Banbury to Shipson road onto a lovely stretch of wooded bridleway which meets the Epwell Road.  Very quiet road into the scenic village of Epwell. Stop at The Chandlers Arms in Epwell for refreshment.  Sit outside and watch your horse.  Follow bridleways back to Swalcliffe and Turpins Lodge. 

Cherington - beautiful villages, woods and scenery on this ride through Wychford Woods and over the fields into Cherington.  Stop in the large garden at the Chandlers Arms next to the stream and tie your horses up while you have some refreshment before riding home. 


Great Tew - hack to South Newington and follow bridleways over to the pretty thatched village of Great Tew.  Stop at the pub in Great Tew for refreshments before carrying on past Great Tew Park and back to South Newington via another bridleway.